Onshore natural gas projects on the Italian mainland


BRS Resources Ltd., the operational partner of AleAnna Resources LLC, is actively involved in Italy’s upstream oil and natural gas industry. Upcoming operational activities include:

  1. Drill three exploration well in the Po Valley. AleAnna has applied for drilling permits for the Trava-2 prospect on the Corte dei Signori permit area and Tombellina prospect on the Ponte del Diavolo permit area. AleAnna has contracted for the environmental impact study and is preparing to submit the Armonia drilling permit application in the Ponte dei Grilli permit area. These three prospects were identified from newly acquired high-resolution 3D seismic data and are among at least 12 drillable prospects currently identified by AleAnna’s technical team. Each of these prospects are in close proximity to and on trend with several nearby producing natural gas fields, including the Sabbioncello, Tresigallo, and Cotignola fields, which have produced more than 90 billion cubic feet (Bcf), 68 Bcf, and 52 Bcf of natural gas, respectively.
  2. Commission four new high-resolution 3D geophysical surverys. AleAnna has submitted an application for a 3D geophysical survey on its Fantozza permit and is preparing applications for Bugia and the eastern portion of the Ponte dei Grilli permit areas. AleAnna will acquire additional data on the Ponte dei Grilli permit where analysis the first 18,780 acres (76 km2) of data generated at least five drillable prospects. AleAnna has already received approval from the Italian government for the Beligioioso survey.
  3. Establish AleAnna’s first gas production in Italy. AleAnna holds a 10% interest in Po Valley Energy’s (PVE) Gradizza-1 exploration well, which was drilled, tested and completed late in 2013. PVE has filed for a production permit for the well and is working on surface facilities and pipeline hookup while awaiting government approval.